the one word ‘music’ just doesn’t seem to describe everything that it is supposed to encompass. how can one word describe both verdi’s requiem and a mobile phone ring? they are just two entirely different principles.
here are some new definitions.
musicish- a demo
musicad- music that is written for advertising
musicomm- music that is essentially just a commercial venture. eg x factor, american idol.
musicough- music performed in concert halls
musiclient – music written for dry functional events. eg british aerospace promotional videos.
amusic – pop music
musicall – unchallenging music that just wants to be loved by millions. eg andrew lloyd webber.
musicamen – music with a religious function
musicate – music that seeks only to replicate a genre.
musicart – music that tries not to be music.
musick – music used as a tool for oppression
musicash – music performed live while an audience doesn’t listen
musicable – music played by musicians for the principle enjoyment of other musicians.
musicahh – music designed to calm the listener.
musicaling – music for the under 10’s.
musicle – repitetive music serving a public function. eg big ben.