when i arrived, she had already delivered 2 further gilts. but i was present for the birth of two of the sow’s piglets. one boar and one gilt (one male and one female)
she was in some discomfort as it was her first litter and she was unsure about the process she was undergoing. she delivered the placenta, so i waited a further hour but thought that may have been it: a relatively small litter of four. her sister gave birth to 17 a few days before. thinking it was over, i left.
i went to visit the sow and her new litter the next day and in the few hours after i left, she gave birth to a further seven piglets for a total of eleven. one of the piglets she had picked up in her mouth and flung across the pen, breaking its jaw, so unable to feed, that one is unlikely to make it. she also bit my one on the rump causing it to bleed and bruise. as she is a middle white pig, the piglets all look the same and so this damage to my piglet, ironically, will be an identifying feature. it is a boar and is the one you can see being delivered in my video above. because we were there for a few hours, my video camera ran out of batteries so it ended up being recorded on my phone. proper footage and photos to follow.