one pig

last days

the pig is due to be killed february 8th. last few weeks video below shows it with its family

pig moved to new sty

apologies for the absence, studio been rather busy.meanwhile, our pig has been moved to a pen/sty at the top of the hill at the farm. it now has other pig neighbours and all seems rather boisterous. it is still with all its siblings from birth and they seem a well established family by now with...

pig now weaning

the mother has been removed from the pen and the piglets are now weaning.they will be on solid food here in this pen for another few weeks until room becomes available in a bigger pen in a different part of the farm. the middle photo shows me pointing to my pig.

4 weeks old

the sow with the litter at 4 weeks

photos by lucy pope. taken today. day 6my pig is the one with the dark triangle on the rear right rump where it was bitten by its mother

a pig is born

  when i arrived, she had already delivered 2 further gilts. but i was present for the birth of two of the sow’s piglets. one boar and one gilt (one male and one female)she was in some discomfort as it was her first litter and she was unsure about the process she was undergoing. she...


on saturday 15th of august my pig was born.

still no pig

… in answer to the question below, i get somewhere between 24 hours and 24 minutes notice of an imminent birth.

missed one

oh dear. a pig was born when i was away from going to have wait another few weeks until another sow farrows. it’s a strange (and brilliant) feeling to not be able to start a new record until a farm animal allows you to.

a project is born

  in 2010 i will release a record entitled ‘the pig’it will be made up entirely of sounds made during the life cycle of a pig.i will be there at its birthduring its lifepresent at its deathand during the butchery process.its body will then be given to chefs new and oldthere will be a feastit...