Matthew will take part in the New Now festival for Digital Arts on Friday 17th September at The Mixing Plant at Zollverein.


“This summer, Matthew Herbert will sample rocks and coal seams from Zeche Zollverein and create a new sample library from the soundscape of the underground mining world: Literally excavated sound, a finite raw material, which will generate new music – and not least the processed foundation stone for a live performance at the Immersive Sound Night on 17 September 2021.

Before the shaft mines at Zeche Zollverein are permanently backfilled, an important piece of global mining history 1000 metres under the surface will not only be recorded as an irrecoverable acoustic contemporary document, but also processed during the NEW NOW festival for an extraordinary techno production. British artist Matthew Herbert, one of the greats in electronic music, who unites electronic club music, art-house and avant-garde pop culture like no other, will take on this gigantic task.

This multi-layered cooperation is our attempt to respectfully honour and, not least, authentically continue the narrative of the invisible scale of the Ruhr region with reverberation.

The work created by Matthew Herbert is curated by STONE TECHNO – a collaboration between Ruhr Museum and The Third Room. Dr Achim G. Reisdorf and Ahmet Sisman are the curators. The work is co-commissioned by the NEW NOW festival and will be premiered here.”