one pig

Matthew Herbert One Pig Tour, Germany, Spring 2012

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Video: Reuters at the One Pig Dead and Alive Launch

Matthew Herbert vs. Peta

Beef! On his new album One Pig, London musician and producer Matthew Herbertdocuments the life of a pig from birth to plate. This has generated a great deal of criticismfrom animal rights organisation Peta, especially since Herbert ate parts of the pig andconverted its remains into musical instruments. VISIONS brings Herbert and JobstEggert, editor in...

Matthew Herbert vs Peta Article in Visions Magazine

Matthew Herbert vs Peta in Visions Magazine

One Pig Full Album Stream on Guardian Music

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Royal Opera House

the debut of the ONE PIG live show is at the royal opera house in london tomorrow. at one point there was going to be a live pig on stage, but there’s only one pig in the country suitable and apparently he had another gig. instead we have a musical pigsty. you may still be...

turning in to music

the pig is now becoming will be heard again spring 2011

tomorrow the pig will be eaten

full response to PETA

PETA has condemned the one pig record. their statement: “No one with any true talent or creativity hurts animals to attract attention … Pigs are inquisitive, highly intelligent, sentient animals who become frightened when they are sent to slaughterhouses, where they kick and scream and try to escape the knife. They are far more worthy...

one ending

the pig is now dead.


rather frustratingly, and despite many phone calls we have found it impossible to find an abattoir to allow us to record the death of the pig. we found one farmer willing to let us record, but then the attending vet did not allow it. for me the death was always a crucial part of the...

photo by chris friel