Matthew has contributed to a new project ‘Schwanengesang’, a re-imagining of Schubert’s final song cycle for Pin Drop / United We Stream. The project is raising funds for the disaster in Beirut.


MATTHEW HERBERT // KIM-LILLIAN STREBEL AND SETH TROXLER // SAM BOWER TAREK YAMANI // ARTISTS FROM NICO AND THE NAVIGATORS // BORN IN FLAMEZ MAHMOUD KAABOUR // JEANNA SERIKBAYEVA // DEMIAN LICHT // RIMA NAJDI // RACHEL FENLON // MAGDA VASKO // ALI HASAN // AHMADIEH NASSIB and more wonderful artists come together to sing Schubert’s final song cycle. Target of this cross-over musical theatre program is to build 1000 new houses for Beirut together with the young Lebanese initiative Baytna Baytak. Donations to help rebuild Beirut are possible during your visit at the Theater im Delphi or via the worldwide donation link by United we Stream Stream.

The normal trust in truth and values suddenly seems disposable and security feels more like an illusion rather than a constant we rely on. Surreal concepts suddenly become an option, the unthinkable is just a Pindrop away.

The re-imagination of the fourteen songs of Schubert’s last song cycle “SCHWANENGESANG” offers infinite possibilities to interpret the past, present and future. A selection of outstanding artists, who are given licence to produce response pieces invite for the creation of a kaleidoscope effect of music, dance and spoken word.