In 2019 on their album ‘The State Between Us’ The Matthew Herbert (Brexit) Big Band asked ’What does Brexit sound like?’. It was recorded over 2 years with more than 1000 musicians and singers. Fast forward to 2021 and post-Brexit as musician’s face crippling costs and admin to work in Europe, they release a new single with all the European musicians and singers removed. Matthew’s recording trip to Grimsby in 2018, the lonely swimming of the English channel and the haunting ‘You’re Welcome Here’ are eerily prescient of a country painfully and pointlessly cutting itself off from its closest neighbours. This special Brexit-edition EP is the sound of isolation.

Matthew Herbert says:

“The founding principle of Brexit is fundamentally at odds with the idea of collaboration so it’s no surprise to find this government has thrown a vibrant, popular, successful creative industry under a bus to prove a point. The music industry needs to be quicker to engage with bigger political questions instead of assuming music rises above this stuff. This touring issue was a clear danger from the very start of Brexit yet the industry is only now properly rallying to try to sort something. Where was this lobbying and organising 4 years ago?”


1. You’re Welcome Here (Brexit Edition)

2. The Special Relationship (Brexit Edition)

3. Fish And Chips (Brexit Edition)